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Nov 2020 | Podcast | Credit Risk Management

How credit risk assessment has changed in the pandemic era

The pandemic, numerous lockdowns and evolving economic circumstances across our region have had a massive impact on income and cash flow for individual consumers, small businesses and sole traders alike.

It has affected tens of millions of people.

As a result, banks and lenders need to get as clear a picture of customers exposure to risk as possible, during a very short and rapidly changing time period.
We will discuss the best routes to now take in assessing risk and informing decision-making.

“Meet the Expert” podcasts program

This podcast is part of the new Eperian’s “Meet the Expert” programme: a series of seven short interviews to explore the ‘new normal’ following the start of the pandemic.
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Giulio Mariani
Giulio Mariani
Senior Data Scientist
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Giulio is graduated in Physics and Astrophysics and studied Mathematical Finance. Before joining Experian, he worked in one of the major Italian banks. As Senior Data Scientist he is involved in Advanced Analytics projects with Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence solutions appllied to credit risk management.