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Many organisations have gaps in their digital transformation strategy and are facing challenges amid the urgent need to accelerate to fully serviced digital operating models. While some businesses have adapted, many are struggling.

But successful identity trust and identity risk are now central to any digital business model. The way in which identity authentication and seamless experiences are delivered, will also be critical factors in determining whether businesses can make the most of their opportunities.

“Meet the Expert” podcasts program

This podcast is part of the new Eperian’s “Meet the Expert” programme: a series of seven short interviews to explore the ‘new normal’ following the start of the pandemic.
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Iga Sikorska
Iga Sirkoska
Senior Analytics Consultant
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Iga Sikorska Senior Analytics Consultant, CEE DACH at Experian PhD-level professional recognised for sound knowledge of data science and effective communication across disciplines and management levels. Fraud Prevention and Detection expert with proven ability to understand customer business needs, identify alternatives, and recommend strategies that facilitate optimal and creative outcomes. Regional data science expert in fraud initiatives for banking and financial institutions supporting customers in developing analytically-driven solutions designed to innovate and optimise operational and business processes with a think outside of the box twist. On a daily basis, cooperating with global R&D in developing innovative, industry leading solutions for fraud prevention facilitating automated decisioning and quick investigation.