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This podcast is about how banks and lenders can use Early Warning Systems (EWS) to help financially fragile customers. EWS enable lenders to identify fragile customers significantly early and this opens opportunities for better outcomes for both the customer and the lender. Early resolution makes it more likely that the customer retains the collateral and a higher proportion of the bank’s customers remain as performing.

Lenders that used EWS to offer data driven, individualised solutions to customers achieved both better profitability and higher customer satisfaction.

“Meet the Expert” podcasts program

This podcast is part of the new Experian’s “Meet the Expert” programme: a series of seven short interviews to explore the ‘new normal’ following the start of the pandemic.

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Anders Nielsen
Anders Nielsen
Analytics Consultant Lead
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Anders is consultant lead in EMEA on credit risk solutions that enable Experian clients to acquire and serve credit customers profitably. He advises clients and Experian teams on developments of credit risk solutions throughout the credit life cycle (from customer acquisition to debt recovery). His responsibilities include developments of credit bureau scores for Experian as well as custom risk models of PD, LGD and EAD for banks and lenders. His expertise in traditional credit risk developments and deployments includes application models for customer acquisition, behaviour models for customer management and collections models as well as monitoring of models and credit portfolios. In regulatory analytics, he currently covers Loan Origination & Monitoring, PSD2, Basel IRB, IFRS9 and NPL solutions.