May 2021 | General | Macroeconomic Trends, Webinar

On May 11th we hosted the live webinar ‘One year after the pandemic – a macroeconomic outlook‘. We look back at a very successful and inspiring session where Mohammed Chaudhri shared insights on the macroeconomic landscape after the pandemic and how you can adapt your IFRS9 models to the changing macroeconomic environment. Our Experian experts Buse Hanci and Herman Peeters, touched upon the impact on macroeconomic forecasts in the Nordics and Netherlands.

On this page you can find the webinar recording and resources.

Webinar Recording

Global, Nordics & Netherlands Macroeconomic trends

by Mohammed Chaudhri

Download presentation

Macroeconomic and credit trends in the Nordics and Netherlands

by Buse Hanci and Herman Peeters

Download presentation

Other resources

Batch data release April (Netherlands): SME’s with four or less employees are most at risk for payment default

Web Data Insights: using non-traditional real-time data from the web in your risk scoring

Market impact report April 2021 (Denmark): one year into Covid-19 and a two-speed Danish economy

Bankruptcy report Nordics May 2021
Nordics bankruptcies are back to pre-Covid level, but there is still uncertainty in several industries

Bankruptcy report Denmark

Bankruptcy report Norway

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