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We are very excited to announce that Experian has integrated our real-time contact data verification software into Salesforce Lightning.

As a Salesforce-certified add-on, Salesforce Lightning can now format, standardise, and validate addresses, emails, and phone numbers globally in real-time when a contact or account record is created or updated.

This new, easy-to-use platform ensures that your CRM team is equipped with the insights needed to uphold data integrity, ensure trustworthy data, and streamline operations, especially when it comes to sales follow ups.

Head to the Salesforce App Exchange to deploy real-time data validation for Salesforce Lightning today.

Salesforce App Exchange

Top features

In-line validation

Our data validation capabilities are seamlessly integrated in Salesforce forms so you can have a smooth and consistent experience.

Fully Lightning compatible

Our solution can be used as a single component within Salesforce standard forms for Sales and Service Clouds with no coding required, or as individual components in custom forms.

Global data coverage

Validate addresses and phone numbers anywhere in the world, with 245 countries covered for address and 220 countries for phone.

Trusted data

Rely on certified postal services such as Australia Post and Royal Mail, as well as real-time information from 1500+ telecommunication providers.

Detailed response codes

Real-time validation response codes allow internal teams to assess the quality of data coming in and identify poor sources to rectify.

Local language and time support

Our solution adapts to the default language and time settings set for the environment, providing complete alignment for the end user.

Validation timestamp and status

The timestamp and status indicate data quality and when data was last checked, giving you confidence in the data you use.

User portal

The portal allows you to manage your data quality hosted products and services, including licenses, tokens, and users. You can create usage reports to monitor validation rates and set up notifications for key metrics.


Top benefits

Protect the integrity of your CRM

Automating data quality management ensures accuracy, adherence to data standards, and eliminates the potential for human error in data entry.

Maximise colleague and customer satisfaction

Unreliable data can lead to a lack of communication between you and your customers and a lack of trust between your team and CRM system. Our solution protects business processes that rely on customer contact data for a seamless experience.

See immediate return on investment

In less than 30 minutes, you can deploy the solution directly from Salesforce AppExchange with default configurations and no coding required. Immediately after deployment, the solution can improve the quality of contact data being captured and maximise the RPOT from your CRM system.

Experian’s contact data verification integration for Salesforce Lightning is a gamechanger for CRM teams across the globe. Leveraging trustworthy data enables your team to feel confident in their insights to deliver a seamless operation and customer experience.

Interested in learning more about our data quality software in Salesforce Lightning? Speak with an Experian rep today.


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