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In this article, we review two recent analyst reports that feature Experian Data Quality. The first, from The Information Difference, recognises Experian as a top data quality vendor. The second, a research report from Bloor Research, that discusses treating data as a strategic asset and reviews how Experian’s Data Quality solution stacks up. 

We’ll also explore the enhancements we are making to our data quality technology suite in order to keep supporting our customers. 

Experian has been recognised as a top data quality vendor in the latest Data Quality Landscape from The Information Difference. Each year, the firm reviews the vendors in the space and how their technology and market strength are evolving against new market demands and trends. 

“Data quality continues to be a struggle for many organisations, despite the increasing need to be agile and become more data-driven. Stakeholders often lack trust in data, but that can improve with business-centric analysis that reveals data challenges and presents a clear path to resolution,” said Erin Haselkorn, Director of Analyst Relations. 

“Experian’s data quality solutions allow our clients to tackle their data projects with speed and agility, giving them the confidence and time to put their data to use.” 

Data Quality market set to continue double-digit growth 

The data quality technology market continued to see double-digit growth in 2021 and economists and analyst communities alike believe this trend will continue. The explosion in data quality technology investment is testament to the strategic importance being placed on data within organisations around the globe.

View the Information Difference Data Quality Landscape report 

Treat data as a strategic asset

Treating data as a strategic asset is fundamental to both data-driven initiatives and digital transformation. It is also essential to enabling the democratisation of data across the enterprise so that everyone in the organisation can leverage quality data that they trust.  

Data Quality isn’t new. In fact, Andy Hayler, Senior Analyst at Bloor Research, writes, ‘The data quality market is far from new, with organisations around the world struggling with their own data quality ever since the first customer’s name and address was entered into a computer system.’  

In their latest Data Quality Market Update, Bloor Research has named Experian as a ‘Champion’. Vendors featured in the Market Update were assessed on criteria such as, ease of use, platform stability, and value for money.

View the Bloor Research

Challenging the status quo

Experian continues to drive an agenda of experience simplification for customers, and we’ve taken steps to incorporate the best features, data and technology from across our address validation product portfolio into Experian Address Validation. The result: the best real-time address validation solution in the market that is fast, accurate, easy to integrate, flexible and truly global. 

Below, we have taken a quick look at a number of recent product enhancements to our Address Validation solution: 

  1. Multiple ways to search – We know that our customers want to choose the way that postal addresses are entered in online forms, searched for and formatted. This may depend on the location or country, the platform or simply, personal preference.The latest version of Experian Address Validation offers this flexibility with five different ways to enter and search for addresses, as well as support for custom address layouts. This means a single solution for every application where addresses are captured.
  2. Improved autocomplete functionality – Our address autocomplete technology intelligently predicts and pinpoints the correct address as the user types, reducing the entry time by up to 80% with minimal keystrokes. This is critical to keep your customers moving through your form while ensuring address accuracy.We’ve now made the search functionality even better with enhanced fuzzy matching logic to counteract abbreviations, synonyms and misspellings, including the latest and greatest address data from trusted third-party sources. The result? 6 million additional addresses in our database, more relevant address suggestions and faster form completion.
  3. Greater access to data – It’s more important than ever to build and maintain a complete, detailed customer profile for logistics, marketing and daily business operations. This is where Experian can help. Using Experian Address Validation, addresses can be enriched at the point of data capture with a wealth of additional insights, learn more here.The latest enhancements make more of this invaluable enrichment data available in our flagship API, so it’s easier to enhance your data, with insights, for example, on location and consumer demographics, and make more informed decisions about your customers.
  4. Enhanced performance – Product speed and scalability are essential to deliver the best customer experience. As our customers capitalise on digital growth, we are validating more addresses than ever through our local data centres, with over 6 billion validation requests in the last 12 months alone.To ensure the fastest processing speeds, we have significantly improved our technical infrastructure. This includes improving our ability to scale and support millions of validation requests an hour, as well as greater resilience to maintain service availability
  5. Simpler integration – Our solution is constantly evolving. That’s why we have updated and streamlined our technical documentation and API response codes so it’s straightforward to integrate the address validation API into any application or website. We recommend bookmarking this one-stop shop to help you get started.
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