We have partnered with Microsoft to help you keep data quality at the heart of your business, empowering you to lean on trusted CRM data for better and faster decision-making, operational efficiency, and so much more.

With fast and accurate contact data validation integrated into Microsoft Dynamics, leads entered into your CRM system are validated at the point of entry. Now, there is never a roadblock when it comes to building relationships with your customers—sales reps and marketers alike are equipped with the right contact information to reach customers and prospects efficiently.

What is Experian’s data validation app in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Experian’s certified data validation app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the fastest way to capture, standardise, validate, and enrich postal addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers globally and in real-time.

How does the integration work?

The integration is simple and seamless as it automatically kickstarts data quality control across your CRM system. The user-friendly technology enables anyone—business user or data professional alike—to effectively manage the quality of CRM records.

When a user creates or edits a contact, lead, or account within Microsoft Dynamics 365, the application works within the form to check and correct the customer’s contact data before it enters your database.

Within the form, our data validation solutions verify three key contact points for each record:

  1. Address validation: With official postal sources like Australia Post, New Zealand Post, you can be sure the address is deliverable and standard to country formats.
  2. Email validation: We are able to silently ping an inbox to determine the validity and deliverability, keeping you far away from SPAM traps. Furthermore, with consumer and business email identification, you can be sure you are emailing the right contact and staying in compliance.
  3. Phone validation: Similar to address and email validation, we can validate consumer phone numbers plus identify if they are landline or mobile.

Address, email, and phone data are foundational to any operation across any industry. With a complete customer profile, you can take a multichannel approach to reaching and staying in touch with customers and prospects. Overall, making your team’s life easier (but we’ll touch on the benefits at the end!).

Top features

Data quality for Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you an all-in-one solution to manage trusted customer data for your business operations.

  1. Complete data quality solution: Experian provides the full package for Microsoft Dynamics 365—users get to benefit from the complete suite of real-time validation capabilities.
  2. In-line validation within forms: Intuitive in-line validation within this application enables users to make quick and easy updates to new and existing accounts.
  3. Validation time and date stamp: The validation time and date stamp allows you to see the age of the contact and when it was last validated. Data decay can be a huge issue for most but running a report with this capability minimises the risk of outdated customer contact information.

Implementing data quality control into your tech stack goes beyond the green checkmark of validation. Empowering your users with correct contact information saves time, money, resources, and so much more.

Top benefits

We are true believers in making data fit for purpose. Our latest research shows that 93% of business leaders say the quality of contact data has become more important than ever over the last year. This is what our data quality integration can do for you:

  1. Protect your data integrity: CRM systems can be costly to integrate and maintain. With data validation solutions integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can sustain trust in your CRM data and lean on automated processes.
  2. Build better customer relationships: Nothing is worse than missing out on a key prospect because you mistyped their name, address, phone, or email (it’s so easy to do!). With data validation, this won’t happen, and those important emails can seamlessly reach their inbox.
  3. See immediate return on investment: Directly deploy the certified solution in less than 30 minutes with default configurations and no coding required. Then, accurate data will be ready to be entered at your fingertips.
  4. Enable business agility: By automating data validation, users can streamline operations and communication, allowing them to pivot business strategy at the moment they need to.
  5. Better and faster decisions: With the right data, business leaders are able to make more precise decisions to steer the business toward growth, versus relying on that gut feeling.

How to get started

As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we empower our clients to make data fit for a purpose. Our latest research finds that 88% of business leaders say that being data-driven helps them stay on top of customer needs and market trends. Equip your team with reliable and trusted data with a one-stop-shop solution.

Contact Experian to learn more about our Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration today.


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