The data quality market continues to grow rapidly. Imarc Group expects the market to reach US $4 Billion by 2027.

Here at Experian we specialise in helping you make the most of your data assets. Experian has a comprehensive suite of data quality solutions to manage your entire data quality life cycle. By improving the accuracy of your data you can drive efficiencies in every aspect of your business operations. Experian combines best-in-class technology with a team of dedicated data quality experts to ensure you receive a tailored data quality solution that solves your biggest challenges.

In this article we will spend some time looking at our bespoke data quality reporting service. A detailed and insightful process that can help you improve both your business and marketing efforts.

Why improve your data quality?

Data quality is essential for any organisation that relies on data to make decisions. Poor data quality can lead to inaccurate conclusions, wasted resources and damaged relationships with customers and partners. By improving your data quality, you can avoid these negative outcomes and ensure that your data is working for you.

As a marketer, you are always looking for ways to improve your campaigns and get better results. One area that is often overlooked is data quality. Having high-quality data can make a big difference in the performance of your marketing campaigns.

What’s included in our data quality report?

Our data quality report focuses on four core areas:

  • Address Validation
    • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Mobile Validation
  • Email Validation
  • Consumer Segmentation

Below, we have broken down each focus area to explain what information you would receive if you worked with us to analyse your data quality.

Address Validation – Experian Address Validation identifies the accuracy and completeness of postal and physical addresses. This service flags inaccuracies and corrects errors with best-in-class fuzzy matching algorithms, to ensure you have the best, most up-to-date addresses in your database. We’ll correct, update and standardise your addresses.


National Change of Address – Partnering with Australia Post, Experian can help your organisation understand which of your customer records have out of date information. Combining Experian’s address cleaning expertise and Australia Post’s data helps you stay in touch with your customers.


Mobile Validation – Experian Mobile Validation validates each number against the HLR (Home Location Register). The HLR database is maintained by the mobile network operators and contains individual mobile subscriber identity (IMSI). We use this to append each number with a status code that describes whether the number is active, inactive or can be partially validated. Our service also formats phone numbers adhering to the E164 format or National Syntax.

Phone Validation – Phone number validation means only accurate telephone information enters your database. Keep open lines of communication with your customers, improve the quality of organisational contact information, streamline data entry processes, and contact customers with the right phone number.

Email Validation – Experian Email Validation conducts a 5-step check to ensure validity and identify any malicious and disposable emails within your database. Our validation happens in real-time and occurs at the mailbox level.

Consumer SegmentationMosaic is Australia’s leading lifestyle segmentation. Mosaic empowers marketers and customer insight professionals with the data needed to anticipate behaviour, attitudes and preferences of customers. Mosaic allows for the instant profiling of a customer database, the prioritisation of which segments are most valuable, the development of personalised content and performance measurement to ensure a high return on investment.

Why choose Experian?

Experian is a global leader in data, analytics and marketing software and services. For decades we have helped the world’s most prestigious organisations make sense of their data and create new opportunities to grow or optimise their activities.

Data quality is a crucial building block of a broader data management strategy and when executed well can help improve decision making and business outcomes.

By commissioning your own bespoke data quality report from Experian, you are guaranteed the following things:

  • A deep understanding of the state of your contact and marketing data
  • An understanding of where your data is letting you down
  • Insight on what software and services you can implement to drive change

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