Based in the U.K., Interflora is a flower delivery company that connects customers with florists and delivers flower bouquets and gifts across the globe. With multiple businesses connected through Interflora and reaching thousands of consumers, Experian’s Address Validation helps them streamline operations from orders placed to door-step delivery, in turn enhancing the customer experience.


Interflora is a flower delivery company who connect customers with florists around the world. Postal data becomes vital in this scenario for several reasons: national postal addresses differ in format, delivery optimisation, partnerships with florists, and customer experience. Interflora has worked with Experian for 20 years to safeguard the quality of their postal data.


The Interflora team prides themselves on going the extra mile to make every one of their deliveries special. They
know they’re not just delivering flowers, they’re delivering an emotion, and getting that delivery right is important.

Postal information becomes critical for this business model as it helps florists deliver arrangements to the right place. Unverified addresses can be challenging because customers are frequently purchasing an arrangement for
someone else and it’s possible that they don’t have an accurate delivery address for the recipient, hindering the
ability to seamlessly deliver the arrangement and to provide a great customer experience. This is also an issue for customer service teams who are not able to effectively support with delivery questions if they are unaware of the verified address.


With the potential risk inaccurate address data presents to their operating model, Interflora recognises the need to
focus on the quality of information captured online and over-the-phone.

Experian’s Address Validation service delivers value in multiple ways:

  • With a high volume of orders for international addresses, Interflora batch cleanses this data to ensure deliverability, correct typos and format addresses to local standards. Not only does this ensure efficient and
    effective delivery for a better customer experience, but it creates a smooth operation for the florists.
  • To enable the partnership between the florists and Interflora, Experian custom built a database to power the florist payment program, which allows florists to select geographical areas they will deliver to and ensures they are reimbursed properly for those deliveries.
  • Additionally, Experian’s real-time address verification solution is integrated into Interflora’s online checkout process. Type ahead technology begins returning address suggestions after just a few keystrokes and autocompletes full address details, creating a better end-to-end customer experience.

With a constant flow of clean addresses across both internal and external interfaces, Interflora has created end-to-end operational efficiency and a better customer experience for both consumers and florists.


  • Improved customer experience

    Valid delivery addresses power the customer experience from the moment the order is placed online, to its final delivery.

  • Powers strategic partnership

    The partnership with florists is vital to this operation and trustworthy addresses enable them to easily deliver to the right doorstep and get paid for their services.

  • Empowers global sales

    Address formatting and language differs country to country. With Experian’s Address Validation, Interflora can be confident that each order has the standard and correct address format for that region

What’s next

Interflora wants to level up their data strategy, modernising their CRM and exploring new ways to review and reimburse florists for the precise distance travelled per delivery. Data remains at the heart of their operation.


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