Founded in 1986, Charles Tyrwhitt is a UK-based menswear retailer, operating globally online and in-store. The business is focused on delivering quality menswear products that offer great value for money, exemplary customer service, and a commitment to operating responsibly. Quality address and email data underpin business operations. The company has partnered with Experian for eight years to maximize delivery success, improve online conversion and deliver a seamless user experience.


In 2015, Charles Tyrwhitt was looking for ways to increase sales conversion and reduce lost deliveries. The company identified that improving the ease of address capture and the accuracy of address data could help deliver against both. Partnering with Experian, the business integrated Address Validation solutions into its online and in-store platforms to validate customer information at the point of sale and ensure only accurate data enters the business. With the solution now firmly embedded into business operations and clean address data consistently entering its systems, the company has recently audited its email data too. Completing a batch cleanse of its full email database, Charles Tyrwhitt can now explore opportunities to drive more value from its email data.

How we help

Address Validation

In split seconds, Experian’s market-leading solution:

  1. Accurately captures addresses using autocomplete technology online to suggest potential matches after just a few keystrokes, reducing entry time by up to 80%.
  2. Detects and corrects errors, giving employees the confidence that any typos or mistypes will be detected and corrected while the customer experiences a frictionless journey.
  3. Validates address data against official postal authority sources to confirm the address exists and is deliverable before being formatted to postal authority standards to enable successful delivery. With address data decaying at between 10-20% annually, address validation is an important means for Charles Tyrwhitt to prevent data decay from impacting business operations.

Email validation

More recently, Experian audited and bulk-cleansed the business’ email database to identify errors, confirm deliverability, and flag possible risk indicators such as disposable email addresses.

Clean email data ensures that email addresses are deliverable, meaning businesses can communicate more effectively with their customers. Service updates reach the intended recipient, building customer loyalty; while marketing campaigns benefit from reduced wastage and better conversion, driving up return on investment.


Increased conversion

Speedy capture of clean address data through the purchase process has improved sales conversion, with customers enjoying a smoother onboarding and checkout process.

Fewer lost packages

Improved address data accuracy has boosted the successful delivery rate, with more deliveries arriving at the right address the first time. This has delivered operational efficiencies, reducing the cost of incorrect addressing and the need to reissue orders to customers where a delivery has been lost in the post.

Customer experience

With customers enjoying a frictionless sales experience and more deliveries arriving successfully, loyalty and satisfaction have increased. With an explicit commitment to operating responsibly, a well-executed, customer-focused operation is foundational to delivering these goals.

Improved email data health

Duplicate emails have been removed, errors corrected, non-deliverable email addresses identified, and potentially risky data flagged, providing the company with a clean email baseline to build upon.

We chose Experian because it’s a market leader with a mature, easy-to-integrate solution.

It’s stable, works well, and does what we need it to do. If a business isn’t using address validation, they should have it, and yes, I would recommend Experian.

Doug Wooten, IT Director of Charles Tyrwhitt

What’s next?

With a growing footprint across the UK and USA, and even a store in Paris, Charles Tyrwhitt is committed to continuing to offer high quality, great value menswear to a global audience, operating in a responsible manner. The company remains committed to offering market leading customer service and experience, with data validation remaining a key contributor to the business.


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