Transform Your Customer Credit Management

Proactively monitor customer credit to reduce debt and boost retention

Take a Proactive Approach to Credit Monitoring with Triggers. 


If you’re looking to enhance your customer relationships and reduce debt while maximizing revenue, Triggers is the solution you need. This software enables you to proactively implement the most suitable credit strategies for each individual’s financial journey, resulting in increased customer loyalty.

With Triggers, you’ll have the right tools to monitor risk and provide assistance to those in financial difficulty.

How it works

Our software utilizes key financial events and monitors over 250 negative and comprehensive attributes on the Experian Credit Bureau to inform you of any changes in your customer’s credit position.

Manage risk by monitoring activity for significant changes

Receive triggers that are relevant to you and your customers

Improve collection efforts by monitoring activity such as improvements in customers’ capacity to pay

What Can You Do With Triggers?

Identify and monitor high risk customers and work together on fair and appropriate repayment solutions.

Receive alerts on both positive and negative customer activity, from signs of hardship to improvements in financial position. This allows you to proactively work with customers at risk of defaulting and conversely, alerts you to the optimum time to re-engage on repayment options when capacity to pay improves.

Be alerted to risk factors as they arise using Experian credit bureau data. Identify, assist and manage customers that are in early stages of financial distress, through to those that show strong delinquency and default potential.

Have confidence that any shifts in behaviour and financial position will be flagged as they occur across the customer journey, allowing you to implement appropriate management strategies.


Find Out How Triggers Can Help You

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