Dec 2021 | Open Banking |

“Our aim is to bridge the traditional financial sector and the blockchain ones and thus to provide a rather unique service. We believe that such bridge is the future of finance. We offer our customers a very easy access to finance by employing blockchain technology. We offer services that have very low transactional fees compared to the traditional finance. The two main advantages are the cost and time effectiveness as well as very easy and customer friendly experience. The whole process from the application all the way to the disbursement of funds is done on the platform and is digitalized.”, said Ivo Grigorov, CEO, Credefi Ltd.

Ivo Grigorov
Chief Executive Officer
Dafinka Lazarova
Dafinka Lazarova
Business Development | Digital Transformation | Leadership | FinTech | Design Thinking

The pandemic and fast mass spreading of the use of internet and online shopping has paved way to a new, disruptive trend in the banking services, which are embarking into the full-mobile journey. The use of algorithms has taken the mobile banking to an unprecedented level, making Ivo Grigorov – CEO, Credefi,  one of the most innovative fintech in Bulgaria,  to estimate to 300 billion the number of alternative online transactions (outside traditional banking) worldwide last year, with a forecast of doubling until 2026.

Data and Innovations, as stated by Ivo Grigorov, can boost the financial inclusions and can also be a great tool to support sustainability and fight climate change.