Dec. 2021 | Events |

On the 24th of November we hosted our flagship conference Innovation Summit where we want to create a space for you and your peers, who have a passion for credit related trends, data and innovation.

Considering the economic disruptions that the COVID-19 pandemic brought about in 2020 and the adaptions taken by individuals, businesses and economies, our theme for the conference was Lead the New Now.

At Innovation Summit 2021, FVP of Global Fraud Management in Danske Bank, Ketil Clorius gave insights into how Danske Bank is “fighting fraudsters with data”

Where are the areas we need to look into when dealing with fraudsters and what are the challenges we meet when we see fraudsters adapting and becoming more sophisticated? How do we combine the mix between data, technology and people when fighting fraud?

Did you know that…..

~90% of all successful cyber attacks begin with a Phishing mail?

~60% of all tracked cyber crime share the same reason?

His presentation addressed these questions and focused on how businesses should use automation in data flows when fighting fraud. The future of fighting fraud is having evidence based processes with a common data foundation, but we always need to remember the human factor when fighting fraud.

Learn more on the topic of fraud by watching the full 20 min presentation.