Jun 2023 | Webinar |

On 31 May, we hosted a webinar on how your business and customers can benefit from being able to easily and quickly build predictive and robust analytical models, and maintain them. During this webinar, Experian machine learning and modelling experts, Leandro Guerra, Head of EMEA Data Science and Christopher Kadow, Data Modeler, delved deep into use cases highlighting how Convex leverages data science, machine learning, modeling and automation.

Combined with its cutting-edge machine learning technologies and industry-leading consultancy, using Convex, you can uncover insights that will unlock the right opportunities to drive your business forward. Experian Convex is a powerful platform that enables you to build predictive and robust analytical models and maintain them.

Watch a recording of this webinar to get a deeper understanding on how this no-code machine learning platform is more than just a product demo, and learn how you can save time, resources and mitigate risk with intelligent analytics, modelling and automation.

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