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Consumer Default Index Webinar - CDIx Q3 2022

30 November | 10:00 - 11:00 SAST

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Understand the South African consumer credit appetite, growth and performance with the Q3 CDIx


30 November 2022
10:00 - 11:00

Ans Gerber - Head of Data Insights and Marketing Services, Experian South Africa
Consumer Default Index Webinar - CDIx Q3 2022

The CDIx or Consumer Default Index Expanded report brings you the latest macroeconomic trends that have a direct bearing on consumers, a view of consumers' appetite for credit, qualification and take-up of credit, and the performance of credit consumers (i.e. arrears/defaults and vintages).

Experian's Head of Data Insights and Marketing Services, Ans Gerber will deep-dive into key highlights to give you a good understanding of the current trends we see in the South African credit market.

Short and to the point, these key trends will leave you with enough information to start making better business decisions.
Who Should Attend?
The CDIx is broad enough to be of interest to those that follow economic trends in the South African economy but it also provides additional levels of detail for those that are seeking actionable insights for their credit strategies. The CDIx webinar is an opportunity for whole teams of strategists, analysts, business leaders, owners and others in the industry to engage with Experian’s data and consumer insights.
Why You Should Attend?
Experian's CDIx report and webinar provide a comprehensive view of movements in the South African credit market – both from a consumer and a macroeconomic perspective and provides valuable insights to help inform your strategic thinking and planning around your business.

About the speakers

Ans Gerber
Head of Data Insights and Marketing Services, Experian South Africa
Ans Gerber

Ans Gerber Biography

A data scientist in the Innovation team of Experian, Ans has experience in Analytics across various disciplines. In her current role, she is part of a dynamic team that continues to push the boundaries of what is deemed ‘typical’ bureau activities, by finding and creating new data sets, building new products and creating value propositions that address industry needs and also help to build an inclusive credit economy for Africa, by empowering consumers.

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