Sigma Commercial Score Webinar

15 November | 10:00 - 11:00

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About The Event

Introducing Experian’s new Sigma Commercial Score

Unlock the power of predictive business credit decisions


Join our webinar on 15 November 2023 to learn about our all-new Sigma Commercial Score, designed to enhance your credit decision-making process and predict your customer’s propensity-to-pay.


Sigma Commercial improves the performance levels and predictive power of our commercial score incorporating data from CIPC, our researched data, judgement data, tradeline data and aggregated consumer risk data on linked principals.


This webinar will provide you with insights on how Experian’s Sigma Commercial Score enables you to make quick, confident, and consistent credit assessments.


What sets Sigma Commercial apart?

  • New Target Definition: Sigma Commercial predicts a different target definition of “bad credit”, enhancing the precision of your credit assessments while ensuring you receive more accurate insights.
  • Revised Segmentation: Sigma Commercial classifies companies into three distinct segments based on available bureau information. These include Non-SME (businesses with a turnover greater than R8 million, a staff complement exceeding 500, or Limited Business), SME (businesses with a turnover of less than R8 million and 500 or fewer employees) and Non-Researched (businesses for which turnover and employee data are unavailable)
  • Granular Scores:  Sigma Commercial provides more granular scores that lays out a better distribution of data. In addition to the 1-100 risk band index, Sigma Commercial provides a scaled score for deeper insights.


Risk Grade Score Band
Not Scored 0
Highest Risk 1-22
High Risk 23-40
Above Average Risk 41-59
Average Risk 60-74
Below Average Risk 75-83
Low Risk 84-90
Lowest Risk 91-100


Why Attend?

Enhance your customer experience by making quick decisions using a statistical scorecard model. Improve efficiency and remove manual underwriting inconsistencies with more precise and consistent credit decisions. Rank your customers by risk and set risk-based pricing, credit facility limits and terms.


15 November 2023
10:00 - 11:00

Join our webinar on 15 November 2023 to learn about our all-new Sigma Commercial Score, designed to enhance your credit decision-making process and predict your customer’s propensity-to-pay.

Vusi January
Head Analytics, Experian
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Keynote Speakers

Vusi January
Head Analytics, Experian
Vusi January

Vusi January Biography

Vusi January is the Decision Analytics Manager for Experian Africa. His main objective in analytics is to optimize opportunities for the Financial Services industry across the credit lifecycle to improve business strategy, profitability, risk identification and mitigation, innovation, optimization, consumer acquisition, retention and growth across multiple different businesses spanning across banking and retail in South Africa. To attain this objective, Vusi combines his 18 years of end-to-end credit risk experience with Experian Product and Model Suite which is designed for the financial services. His expertise covers a broad spectrum of strategic analytics including late-stage collection strategies, write-off modelling, IFRS9 provision modelling, account management strategies and origination as well as scorecard development – with recent focus on Early Warning Scorecards. He is a passionate and committed leader with an exceptional track record in the identification of key talent while thoroughly enjoying harnessing, growing and developing people to grow to their full potential.

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