Sigma Suite of Scores & Sigma Transcend Webinar

16 November | 10:00 - 11:00

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In-depth introduction to Experian South Africa's next generation of risk predication scores.


16 November 2021
10:00 - 11:00

Ryan Strauss - Head of Analytical Consulting
Jaco van Jaarsveldt - Head of Commercial Strategy & Innovation, Experian
Sigma Suite of Scores & Sigma Transcend Webinar

Experian South Africa's Head of Analytical Consulting, Ryan Strauss, and Jaco van Jaarsveldt, Experian's Chief Decision Analytics Officer, will delve into our next generation of risk prediction scores.

The Sigma Suite of Scores is comprised of a number of powerful credit risk models. The scores in the suite are aimed at acquisition in banking & finance, unsecured lending and retail credit, as well as customer management. These consumer scores were developed on the new combined Sigma bureau platform.

Experian’s Sigma Transcend Score gives the ‘credit invisible’ or thin-file consumers a chance to access regulated formal credit while enabling credit providers to get enhanced insights into this previously unknown market with a higher level of comfort and lower risk, ultimately allowing them to make better business decisions.
Who Should Attend?
The Sigma Suite of Scores introduction is relevant to those that work in credit across various industries from SME lenders to large corporates. If you're interested in how these scores could help you predict risk with greater accuracy and do business better, you should be attending.
Why You Should Attend?
Those attending will gain insights into how these scores were developed, the power of their predictability, and most importantly, how they can help you make better more accurate business decisions.

Additionally, find out how our thin file score, Sigma Transcend, can help you understand your thin-file applicants, and accurately predict their risk, thereby increasing your book and promoting financial inclusion.

About the speakers

Ryan Strauss
Head of Analytical Consulting
Ryan Strauss

Ryan Strauss Biography

Ryan Strauss is the Head of Analytical Consulting at Experian Africa’s analytics division, Scoresharp. He has extensive experience in scorecard development, credit risk strategies, profit modelling and IFRS9 impairment modelling. He has a passion for using analytics to derive business value and drive strategic decisions. His strong management and leadership skills enable him to build cohesive relationships and develop cross-functional synergy to achieve business goals. During the past 14 years, Ryan has worked as a credit risk professional in the banking and financial services industries. He has worked for two of the major South African banks across multiple secured and unsecured lending portfolios. Ryan holds a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand (Cum Laude).
Jaco van Jaarsveldt
Head of Commercial Strategy & Innovation, Experian
Jaco van Jaarsveldt

Jaco van Jaarsveldt Biography

Jaco has spent most of his career in the Credit Industry where he held various C-suite roles in listed, non-listed and private equity-owned entities. He has experience in banking, retail, insurance and consulting across all product verticals both locally and internationally. In a career of more than 25 years, Jaco gained extensive experience working in various industries including banking, retail, and insurance across multiple geographies including Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Throughout his career his passion has been driving organisational value through an absolute focus on the customer and customer experience enhancing strategies, making extensive use of big data and advanced analytics to achieve the desired outcomes. In his current role at Experian as Chief Decision Analytics and Innovation Officer, Jaco gets to hone in on his passion of using big data and advanced analytics to deliver customer experience-enhancing strategies.

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