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Engage | Incentivise | Energise

28 July | 10:00 - 11:00

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Experian Workpoints live demo


28 July 2021
10:00 - 11:00

Alex Simoes - Loyalty & Rewards Business Development Manager
Engage | Incentivise | Energise

Experian's Loyalty & Rewards Business Development Manager, Alex Simoes, showcases how you can leverage Workpoints to engage your employees through incentives and rewards.

Workpoints is a flexible, customisable and scalable employee reward and recognition solution. Whether your company or team is only 20 people, or you are a 5000-employee corporate company, Workpoints can help you energise your workforce through better engagement and incentives.

Now more than ever, being able to foster a culture of collaboration and engagement is difficult, especially with teams working remotely. Workpoints is a fully online tool that allows you to drive organisational culture and values, reward through peer and management recognition, and develop and retain top talent - all digitally!

Join Alex who will take you through the journey of leveraging rewards to motivate and energise your most valuable asset - your people!
Who Should Attend?
Anyone that manages a team, heads up a division, works in HR, or owns a company should attend this webinar.

Workpoints is flexible and scalable, which means that there is no team too small or corporation too complex to benefit from Workpoints. Workpoints can also be applied to any industry.
Why You Should Attend?
Attending this complimentary live webinar demo of Workpoints will show you the possibilities and options you have as someone that manages a team or is responsible for employees such as peer and management recognition, leaderboards to encourage healthy competition and positive work culture, customised awarding, access to our exception rewards voucher store, and data and reporting.

About the speakers

Alex Simoes
Loyalty & Rewards Business Development Manager
Alex Simoes

Alex Simoes Biography

Alex has over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales; for the last 6 years, Alex has focussed on Loyalty & Rewards products. Her expertise helps clients across many industries ensure that growth targets are met and that they are able to retain, grow and service their customers while maintaining profitability. Additionally, she has played a key role in reimaging Workpoints, Experian's staff reward and recognition tool, which has helped multiple clients, from small 30-person teams, to large 3000-employee corporates, retain talent and reward employees.

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