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Application Decision Outcome Analysis
Application Decision Outcome (ADO) analysis aims to understand the dynamics at play during the application process and whether there is an opportunity for review. ADO assists credit providers in understanding what becomes of customers who were declined, especially in cases where they have taken up a loan elsewhere and what their subsequent risk is.
Join Clayton who will take you through this unique customer journey, highlighting where risks exist, how to mitigate them and how to maximise on potential declines before they take up loans at a competitor.
About the speakers
Clayton Sithole - Analyst, Experian Africa
Clayton Sithole is an Analyst for Experian Africa and is focused on scorecard development and IFRS9 provision modelling. Prior to joining Experian, Clayton worked in the investment industry where he researched and developed models to assess efficiency and profitability of investment products. Clayton strives to research and develop innovative solutions to improve risk and strategic analytics. Clayton has diverse skills and knowledge in retail credit risk, investments, and market risk. He holds a BSc Financial Mathematics from UJ, BCom (hons) Financial Modelling from UNISA, BSc(hons) Quantitative Risk Management from NWU, and MSc in Business Mathematics and Informatics from NWU. Clayton is passionate about decision analytics and scenario solving and nurturing talent within analytics.
Predicting Propensity to Pay with Improved Experian Commercial Scoring
When assessing the new application risk of commercial entities, there are two key factors any business should consider: predicting a company’s propensity to pay and the odds of a business failing.
Join Anel who will discuss the challenges of developing a commercial scoring model, but also the benefit of using the improved predictive power of scores in new applications.
About the speakers
Anel Ehrke - Senior Analytical Consultant, Experian Africa
Anel Ehrke is an Analytical Consultant at Experian with master's degree in Business Mathematics and Informatics. She has been working in the banking industry for the last 18 years in various credit and analytical roles. She has extensive knowledge on credit scorecards and has developed various models for both consumer and commercial assessment locally and abroad.
New Machine Learning Model Techniques Applied to the Sigma Retail Score
Machine learning is changing the world of scorecards. Experian analysts have leveraged these methods to sharpen the predictive nature of our scorecards so that your business can benefit from greater accuracy and risk mitigation.
Join Lauren who will share our research and knowledge that we gained while building a generic machine learning model for the retail market.
About the speakers
Lauren Esterhuizen - Analytics Manager, Experian Africa
Lauren Esterhuizen is part of the leadership team in the Decision Analytics division at Experian Africa. She has a bachelor's degree in Financial Mathematics and has been working in the credit bureau industry for over 12 years. She leads a strong team of analysts and together they are optimising their existing products and developing new ones. Lauren has widespread knowledge in model building, intricate analytics, and consulting across the different industries. Lauren has trained numerous external analytics teams from the basics of scorecard building to the more complicated models - using our analytics tool Paragon Modeller. Lauren’s recent focus has been on building Generic Bureau Machine Learning models and is transferring her in-depth knowledge of traditional model building to the new Machine Learning world.
Understanding the Development of Experian's New Thinfile Score
Since the release of Experian’s Sigma Transcend Score – a thinfile score aimed at reducing risk and improving acceptance rates amongst the credit invisible population – we have collaborated with clients to improve the score. Leveraging machine learning techniques we have enhanced the score’s prediction ability across the credit lifecycle.
Join Nerietha who will take you through how the score was built and improved, but also how you can implement the score to make better business decisions on thinfile consumers.
About the speakers
Nerietha van der Westhuizen - Analytics Manager, Experian Africa
Nerietha is the Analytics Manager of the modelling team at Experian Africa. Her team focuses on credit analytics, scoring, modelling. She has a banking background and more than 8 years of experience in the credit lifecycle. Nerietha’s professional focus is on credit analytics, scoring, modelling, affordability, risk appetite strategies, customer insights, early warning triggers, collections, and other non-standard credit analytics experience.
Experian South Africa's Generic 1st-Party Fraud Model
According to our latest research, 70% of South African companies indicated that improving fraud prevention to lower fraud rates and financial impact is a critical priority for them in 2023. Implementing fraud interventions is a continuous priority for most, however, many companies lack the abilities, software or appropriate models to do so.
Join Chris who will take you through Experian’s Bureau Fraud Model that helps companies identify and prevent 1st-party fraud.
About the speakers
Chris Swanepoel - Senior Analyst, Experian Africa
Chris Swanepoel is a senior analyst at Experian Africa with an honours degree in Business Mathematics and Informatics. He has been working in the credit industry for the last 9 years in all areas of the credit lifecycle. His main area of expertise lies in business intelligence and custom analytics solutions. He also has strong knowledge in the risk model development space.
Accelerating Credit Risk Prediction with Velocity & Trend Variables

Experian Africa’s analytics team and the Experian USA-based Collective IQ team have developed a new suite of variables to enrich model development. These variables make use of non-standard variables to increase the predictive accuracy of models.

Join Matthew who will delve into how these variables were created, but more importantly, how they can be implemented in order to increase risk prediction so that you can mitigate risk with confidence.

About the speakers
Matthew Schuster - Senior Scoring Analyst, Experian Africa
Matt Schuster is a Senior Analyst with an Actuarial, Statistical and Enterprise Risk background. He has worked in banking for 5 years in roles focussed on credit analytics, scoring, modelling, affordability, and customer insights. Matt holds a BSc (Hons), Actuarial Science Degree from the University of the Witwatersrand.
Predicting Credit Deterioration with Early Warning Scorecards

Predicting the event of credit deterioration on a creditor empowers lenders to mitigate risk before it happens. The sooner they understand the risk for deterioration, the faster they can act on remediating the situation. Experian’s Early Warning Scores (EWS) give you a wider view of your customers and provides a proactive risk warning before they deteriorate on your debtor’s book.

Join Vusumzi who will explain how Experian’s EWS works and how these scores can help you mitigate risk.

About the speakers
Vusumzi January - Analytics Manager, Experian Africa
Vusi January is the Decision Analytics Manager for Experian Africa. His main objective in analytics is to optimize opportunities for the Financial Services industry across the credit lifecycle to improve business strategy, profitability, risk identification and mitigation, innovation, optimization, consumer acquisition, retention and growth across multiple different businesses spanning across banking and retail in South Africa. To attain this objective, Vusi combines his 18 years of end-to-end credit risk experience with Experian Product and Model Suite which is designed for the financial services. His expertise covers a broad spectrum of strategic analytics including late-stage collection strategies, write-off modelling, IFRS9 provision modelling, account management strategies and origination as well as scorecard development – with recent focus on Early Warning Scorecards. He is a passionate and committed leader with an exceptional track record in the identification of key talent while thoroughly enjoying harnessing, growing and developing people to grow to their full potential.
Understanding the Principles Underlying Expected Credit Loss Estimation (IFRS 9)

Estimating the loss you as a lender would incur on a portfolio in the event of defaulting clients on your debtor’s book can be a challenging task. Moreover, the IFRS 9 Standard is a set of complicated principles and calculations that are not within the abilities of many companies. However, getting it right does mean a strategic advantage for companies.

Join Koketso as he simplifies the complex jargon around IFRS 9 by presenting common approaches and considerations that go into the calculations outlined by the IFRS 9 Standard.

About the speakers
Koketso Rakopo - Senior Regulatory Analyst, Experian Africa
Koketso Rakopo is a Senior Regulatory Analyst for Experian Africa and is focused on IFRS9 modelling and enhancements with a good understanding of the regulatory shift from IAS39 to IFRS9. Prior to joining Experian, Koketso worked within the credit risk environment across the credit lifecycle specifically concerning acquisition, compliance, collections and provision modelling (IFRS9). As a senior analyst, Koketso invests his time looking into applying traditional and machine learning approaches within regulatory (IFRS9) and decision analytics. Koketso holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Actuarial Science from the University of Cape Town.
Deep Dive Into Experian Benchmarking Reports

In simple terms, benchmarking compares your company against others like it. It’s a process of anonymously comparing the performance of one company’s portfolio against the market, which includes their direct and indirect competitors. By better understanding the operations of other businesses, you gain valuable insights to direct your strategies, help your business thrive and make you an industry leader. Benchmarking helps your business discover new opportunities to boost growth.

Join Prudence, as she unlocks a world of insights exploring the inner workings and benefits of benchmarking as it relates to your business and competitors.

About the speakers
Prudence Musengi - Analyst, Experian Africa
Prudence Musengi is an Analyst at Experian South Africa. She is an analytically minded self-starter with a strong sense of purpose. With over 6 years of experience in data science and business intelligence, she has successfully collaborated with cross-functional teams within the financial services sector to innovate and automate business processes. Her background is in statistics for data science and business analysis. Prudence has a proven track record of delivering insights that drive business value. She brings technical skills and knowledge to tackle complex data problems creatively and is an expert in using statistical methods and data visualisation tools to identify trends, forecast outcomes, inform strategy and decision making. Prudence has worked with a wide range of financial services clients, including banks, microlenders and retailers. In her current role, she is responsible for developing scorecards, predictive models, and providing data-driven solutions to support business strategy and growth. She is passionate about simplicity, leveraging data to create value and drive positive change in the financial services industry.
A Customer-Centric Approach to Collections in the Digital Age

Consumers today are facing a perfect storm of economic challenges, both globally and personally, which means that trying to recover bad debt from consumers is increasingly difficult.

Customer-centricity, ease of integration, and reduced cost-to-serve are core to the design of our Collections options, and these factors have created efficiencies and reduced the burden of bad debts for our customers across various industries.

Join Razia as she explores the world of collections and the role data, analytics and Experian’s insights play in it.

About the speakers
Razia Cleland - Global Consultant, Experian Africa
Experian South Africa’s global consultant, Razia Cleland, has over 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry, across insurance, retail banking, credit and scoring analytics, and collections. She has an actuarial science and statistics background and uses these skills to build a strong technical base in modelling, scoring and data analytics, and consulting. Her key focus areas within financial services are collections and risk management, and finding novel solutions to clients’ problems across the customer life cycle.

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