Apr. 2020 | Covid-19 | Payments

Experian is working with customers and suppliers to protect consumers during COVID-19 pandemic

The economy is being hit hard by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The situation is posing difficulties for people and businesses in keeping up with their loan repayments or with their utility bills.

The Dutch government encourages consumers, data providers and other suppliers to make specific arrangements around payment, and also provides guidelines on how to avoid negative consequences as much as possible. Examples of such agreements include the reduction or temporary suspension of interest payments, repayments and other payment obligations.

Experian strives to empower consumers to make responsible payment obligations, while at the same time helping companies to have insight into the creditworthiness of potential customers. Especially in times of economic uncertainty, we support society as a whole and consumers in particular.

We work closely together and are in constant dialogue with our customers and suppliers in order to realise the above and to foster understanding for the complex circumstances we are all facing.

These are challenging times. While everyone is rightly focused on staying safe and healthy, we know that many people also have questions about the impact on their income. If you have questions about meeting regular payments because of the pandemic, it is crucial that you speak to your suppliers as soon as possible so they can help.

In the meantime, some professional parties have expressed their willingness to make special arrangements to help people affected by the outbreak. Experian endorses the importance of this and is actively involved and cooperating in creating solutions for this.