Dec. 2020 | Events |

This year Experian attended the leading Artifical Intelligence and Big Data Conference: AI & Big Data Expo Europe 2020. Our Experian representative, Javier Campos – Head of DataLabs EMEA & UKI – was one of the key speakers during the event. In his session he provided insights on fairness and explainability in AI.

You can re-watch the session of Javier Campos now! A few subjects Javier Campos covers in his session:

  • Classical fallacy: just because your model does not use gender (or any other protected attribute) it is not enough to guarantee fairness on those attributes
  • Ways to introduce unfairness in an unintended way
  • Explainability and fairness: explaining a model does not guarantee fairness- (“Fairwashing”)
  • Metrics and Trade-off’s in designing robust, explainable and faired algorithms: Pareto curves and the costs of fairness
  • The future of fairness