Experian Mini Master Class
Feb. 2022 | Events |

Experian presents a series of Mini Master Classes that will dive into key topics within the credit risk industry. This online, interactive, and exclusive event will be held in small groups to give you the opportunity to gain information that is as relevant as possible to you. During the Mini Master Classes, Experian experts in the field and peers from other companies with similar challenges as yours, will help you gain practical and useful insights. By the end, you will be inspired and encouraged, and become an expert yourself.

We will discuss: 

  • Your ability to anticipate and balance risk with emerging threats, economic uncertainty, and changing customer behaviour
  • The need to be more proactive to prevent bad debt
  • Growing your portfolio following Covid-19 and the impact whilst driving uptake of digital services
  • How to maximise profitable responsible lending.

“Increased decision accuracy from better data” is the most attractive business benefit of Open Banking.

For our first round of Mini Master Classes, we will dive into the essentials of Open Banking and how you can make accurate business decisions through better use of data and transaction insights. These Mini Master Classes will help you gain a better understanding of the tangible value transactional data can deliver, to improve decision making, customer experience and delinquency management. This will ensure that you and your company do not stay behind.

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Master Class: Open Banking – How to gain increased decision accuracy from better data

Transactional data can better provide insights on how creditworthiness and affordability change over time than traditional data. Prioritising financial health as a strategy can empower both businesses and customers by giving them a better understanding of what is realistic and affordable, and more insights into what’s possible.

The key lies not only in collecting data, but also knowing how to use this data to deliver optimised business insights. That is why 89% of our clients from financial services, telecommunications, insurance, and ecommerce sectors have indicated that Open Banking represents a big opportunity for them, mainly to improve the accuracy, predictivity and speed of decision in their lending strategy. Open Banking can unlock insights into consumers and businesses that can be used to understand the financial health and spending behaviours.