Sep. 2022 | News |

The Experian Convex platform enables organisations to develop, automate and validate models faster than ever before. Convex, which greatly simplifies the process of integrating the developed models into decision support systems, stands out with its feature of being based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As the world’s leading information services company, Experian is taking a new step within the framework of rapid operationalisation and effective management of machine learning models; model development, validation, governance, reporting and automation processes together. With the Convex solution, users are provided with many benefits compared to traditional modelling platforms: Convex accelerates the designed models by 30% to 50% by taking them to the production environment in minutes, and eliminates the risk of error with the minimum manpower requirement with the fast modelling feature in the form of drag / drop provided during the development process of the models.

“It is essential for us to meet the demands of our customers in terms of dynamic, fast and accurate decision-making with high performance solutions. The fact that the development, automation and validation of Machine Learning models can be done easily by non-technical sources in the logic of ‘minimum code’ is the newest and rapidly developing trend of the analytical world.” – Veronica Flyckt, Experian Head of Analytics Northern Europe and Managing Director of the Netherlands

With Convex, which is offered by combining advanced machine learning functions and common algorithms, organisations will have the advantage of being able to accelerate modelling and implementation processes, run the latest modelling algorithms and monitor all their models on a single screen. The product also has a user-friendly structure that allows high-performance results to be obtained easily without having data science know-how.

With the easily usable front-end of the Experian Convex platform, data analysis, visualisation, data-driven modelling, implementation and reporting process is facilitated. Thus, machine learning modelling can be done both without coding and with a standard flow.

“Thanks to Experian Convex, our customers will now be able to update their models much faster, make rapid measurements and reports, and use the models and strategies they have developed with machine learning methods faster and easier. Convex users will be able to achieve the highest level of efficiency, as well as the shortened production transition time and reduced risk.” – Veronica Flyckt