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Maximising the Power of Data

Experian Learning Day is an opportunity for our cliens to gain new insights from leading data, analytics and credit experts. We want to share our knowledge and experience to support your business in adding extra value to your customer journey.

During Experian Learning Day, we presented our latest solutions: Convex, Aperture and Aidrian. At the same time, we showcased how we continuously work to optimise our services and support for you as an Experian customer. This Experian Learning Day centered around Maximising the Power of Data with sessions about data sharing, using alternative data sources, open banking and transforming your business with data which you can rewatch below.

We appreciate your interest in Experian Learning day. All recordings and presentations are available below.

Maximising the Power of Data

Speakers: Jason Gort – Data Management Manager and Andy Wills – Director of Data Office Northern Europe

Jason Gort and Andy Wills talk about how you can gain valuable insights into the overall health of the economy from analysing various types of data. They also dive into the benefits of data sharing and our initiatives to promote greater data sharing. This session concludes with an overview of the latest trends in open finance and sharing financial data more openly and securely.

Embracing Data Accuracy and Transparency in the Information Industry

Speaker: Jennifer Crama – Data Protection Officer and Manager Risk & Compliance Northern Europe

Experian’s Data Protection Officer, Jennifer Crama, provides you with the latest updates on data regulations and explain their implications. As the importance of data in business grows, we understand that obtaining it can be a significant challenge. That’s why Jennifer highlights the importance of educating your clients about data accuracy and transparency. Join us for an informative session and stay ahead in the data game.

Customer Experience: your benefits as an Experian client

Speaker: Jeroen Zuijdendorp – Enterprise Software Solutions Director

During this session, Experian’s ESS Director Jeroen Zuijdendorp, explains the importance of our customer feedback process and show you how we use clients’ feedback to make improvements. He also takes you through the benefits of using the MyExperian platform.

Transforming your Business with Data and Analytics

Benidine De Kock – Analytics Consultancy Lead

Transforming your business with data and analytics requires a commitment to data-driven decision-making and a willingness to invest in the necessary tools and expertise. By taking a strategic approach to data analysis, you can unlock new insights and create a more agile, competitive, and customer-focused business. Benidine De Kock, Experian’s Analytics Consultant Lead, delves deeper into this during this session and shares her expert insights.

Boost Decisioning with Machine Learning and Experian’s Convex

Speaker: Gerrit Bekker – Senior Data Scientist

Experian Convex is a no-code machine learning model development platform. It is a powerful, analytics environment which allows you to anticipate and evaluate critical business decisions faster, and with better insight than ever before. Our Senior Data Scientist, Gerrit Bekker, discusses machine learning explainability, the benefits of using Convex and how you can unlock the value in your data.

Leveraging the Power of Transactional Data & Open Banking

Speaker: Emil Gyorev – Open Banking Commercial Product Lead

In this talk, Emil Gyorev, Experian’s Open Banking Commercial Product Lead, discusses the potential of Open Banking and transactional data to transform the financial industry and provides insights into how businesses can harness this power to drive growth and stay ahead of the curve.

Enabling Retention and Growth through Data

Speaker: Jennifer Rowe – Presales Engineer

An easy-to-use data management suite helps you manage data projects with confidence. Experian Consultant, Jennifer Rowe, gives you a tour of Experian Aperture Data Studio, our self-service data platform that enables data quality, helps govern adherence to data standards and enriches your existing data.

Using AI to Stay Ahead of Fraudsters and Safeguard your Customers

Speaker: Özgür Ekici – Senior Product Manager

Increasingly sophisticated online fraud attacks can only be stopped by using equally advanced technology. By combining our custom AI-driven Machine Learning model with device profiling data, Experian has created a powerful fraud prevention solution – called Aidrian.

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