As we fast approach the end of another season, and the excitement of more grand finals, it’s time to ask yourself if you are fully prepared to access your ideal digital audience.

Over seven million people combined tuned in to watch the AFL and NRL finals in 2023 (with the AFL just pipping the NRL for most viewed code across all platforms*). Not only do these record breaking viewing figures highlight the ever-growing popularity of sports in Australia but they represent a moment in time when consumers across the country increase their digital media engagement.

In this article, we’ll explore the types of data insights you can leverage and how Experian can help you identify new and existing customers across digital media channels.

Is your ideal customer a sports fan?

Not every organisation may think they want to target sports fans. On the face of it your product or service may seem to sit at odds. But given the size of the audience engaging there will most certainly be many segments of consumers that share more than one characteristic with your ideal customer.

You may be segmenting people based on location. For example, Brisbane. As a 2023 AFL finalist, people from Brisbane made up a significant portion of the total viewership of the match. Combine this with record numbers of people using streaming devices and you can start to pinpoint your digital audience.

Maybe your product appeals more to a higher affluence segment. Or your ideal customer may be female and between the ages of 45-65. If we include all these as segmentation criteria (based on profiling your current customer base) then you are really starting to build a specific audience persona based on location, affluence, age and gender.

Understanding the characteristics of your ideal customer is only the start. You then need to be able to identify the digital channels your persona likes to use and when. This is where it gets clever. Identifying which channels have consumers that match your ideal client profile will then unlock your ability to offer timely, relevant messages to them.

What data is available from Experian Digital Audiences?

Here at Experian we use data and insights to identify and activate your audience on digital platforms. By analysing your customer base and the key characteristics that connect them we can then utilise our market-leading insight platforms that comprise over 1,200 segments of demographic, geographic, financial, property and market research variables to build new audiences or simply find where your current customer engages with digital media.

Here’s an overview of the types of data insights Experian can leverage:

  • Demographic data – Gender, Age, Life stage, Household Composition
  • Geographic data – Location, Postcode
  • Household data – Property type, Recent movers, Number of bedrooms, Pool & Solar indicators
  • Financial data – Affluence, Household income, Mortgage / Rent, Credit demand
  • Behavioural data – Travel, Sporting, Entertainment, Hobbies
  • Preference data – Retail shopper type and occasions, Travel destinations and trips, Automotive choices

As you can see the breadth and scale of our enrichment capabilities will truly help you mobilise your marketing efforts and realise greater ROI.

How can you reach the right audience at the right time?

Whether you’re looking to retarget your existing customers across digital channels, connect with more customers like them or explore new customer segments, Experian’s Digital Audiences can help.

Utilising a range of demographic, geographic, financial, property and market research variables our 1,200+ audiences can be used across any industry or campaign. Available on over 60 digital destinations including social media, Connected TV, Out of Home and Programmatic, and supported by over 52 million linkage records, we can reach your audience on the platforms they respond to best.

We can help you build custom audiences by blending thousands of data points to form an audience totally unique to your business. Our team of specialists can help you build custom audiences that answer the most challenging briefs.

If you’re looking to access existing or new customers then speak to the Experian team today.

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