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Join Experian Africa’s Senior Regulatory Analyst, Koketso Rakopo, as he simplifies the complex jargon around IFRS 9 by presenting common approaches and considerations that go into the calculations outlined by the IFRS 9 Standard.


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Koketso Rakopo
Senior Regulatory Analyst
Experian Africa
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Koketso Rakopo is a Senior Regulatory Analyst for Experian Africa and is focused on IFRS9 modelling and enhancements with a good understanding of the regulatory shift from IAS39 to IFRS9. Prior to joining Experian, Koketso worked within the credit risk environment across the credit lifecycle specifically concerning acquisition, compliance, collections and provision modelling (IFRS9). As a senior analyst, Koketso invests his time looking into applying traditional and machine learning approaches within regulatory (IFRS9) and decision analytics. Koketso holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Actuarial Science from the University of Cape Town.