In this article we explore the benefits of agile, accurate consumer profiling and take a look at a new solution from Experian that offers exactly that. Rapid self-service consumer analysis for your marketing programs.

The power of profiling and segmentation is well documented and understood by the marketing community.

Understanding what your customers and prospects look like is critical to building marketing communications and product offerings that will appeal to others like them. After all, there was a reason your customers purchased from you in the first place, it’s only logical to identify similar groups of these customers.

However, many marketers lack the ability to profile and segment their data easily. A major headache in our modern society where things change very quickly. Many lack the tools, but even when marketers have incumbent technology, they can often lack the agility they need to make fast decisions and truly unlock the potential benefits.

Sometimes this can be because they are over reliant on internal data teams, or IT, for access to the data and may wait days and weeks to get profiled data returned. Others may lack the expertise to use enterprise-grade technology that requires significant investments to be able to take full advantage of the benefits.

There is a better way!

In this article we explore the benefits of agile, accurate consumer profiling and take a look at a new solution from Experian that offers exactly that. Rapid self-service consumer analysis for your marketing programs.

The benefits of consumer profiling

Consumer profiling is a crucial tool for marketers, offering numerous benefits. By creating detailed descriptions of your target audiences, it enables you to make more informed marketing decisions.

Consumer profiling facilitates your targeted marketing efforts by giving you insights into audience demographics, psychographics, and behaviours, allowing you to create tailored campaigns that resonate with specific customer segments. Personalisation also becomes possible, as you can customise messages, offers, and content to individual preferences, increasing engagement and conversions.

Where do marketers fall down with profiling?

Profiling can be challenging for marketers due to several factors. One primary obstacle is the quality and availability of demographic data. Inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated information can lead to flawed profiles, making it crucial to source and access reliable data.

Data integration is another hurdle. Many businesses have data stored in different platforms and systems, making it complex to integrate them into profiles. The sheer volume and complexity of data can also overwhelm marketers, necessitating advanced analytical skills and tools for data management.

Introducing Consumer Profile from Experian

We stated earlier that there must be a better way to profile your consumer data, and we believe this is it.

Consumer Profile is a self-service tool from Experian that allows marketers to rapidly create consumer audiences for their marketing activities, improving time-to-value.

It’s easy to use, fast, and powerful so that you can be more agile and accurate with your marketing efforts. It also has a lower cost of entry than traditional enterprise-grade profiling tools, so you can get started quicker and it will eat up less of your budget.

Key features of Consumer Profiles from Experian:

  • It’s powered by our award-winning segmentation tool, Mosaic – Consumer Profile is integrated within our Mosaic portal, giving a 360-degree view of your customers within a single platform.
  • The automated self-service profiling functionality is easy to use – So you can get up to speed in no time and start seeing value almost immediately.
  • Consumer Profile removes reliance on external data teams – It reduces your time to value from weeks to minutes with near zero dependency on scheduling work with internal/external BI teams.
  • It’s fast, you get your results almost instantly – Compared to waiting days or weeks for requests to work their way through the complexity of your organisation.
  • Agility sits at the heart of this tool – You have complete flexibility to generate, modify, profile, or re-profile data, and each update takes just a few minutes.
  • Compare multiple consumer groups or segments side by side – Understand the similarity or differences among your key customer cohorts.
  • It’s secure – Built using Experian’s global security policy standards.

Book a demo of Consumer Profile, today!

If you want to take more ownership of your organisation’s profiling and segmentation activity, then Consumer Profile from Experian could be just the tool for you.

Low cost of entry, easy to navigate UI, and powerful, rapid results, could reinvigorate your marketing programs.

Speak to the team today to find out more.


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