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Join Experian Africa’s Analytics Manager, Vusumzi January, who will explain how Experian’s Early Warning Scorecards work and how these scores can help you mitigate risk.


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Vusumzi January
Analytics Manager
Experian Africa
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Vusi January is the Decision Analytics Manager for Experian Africa. His main objective in analytics is to optimize opportunities for the Financial Services industry across the credit lifecycle to improve business strategy, profitability, risk identification and mitigation, innovation, optimization, consumer acquisition, retention and growth across multiple different businesses spanning across banking and retail in South Africa. To attain this objective, Vusi combines his 18 years of end-to-end credit risk experience with Experian Product and Model Suite which is designed for the financial services. His expertise covers a broad spectrum of strategic analytics including late-stage collection strategies, write-off modelling, IFRS9 provision modelling, account management strategies and origination as well as scorecard development – with recent focus on Early Warning Scorecards. He is a passionate and committed leader with an exceptional track record in the identification of key talent while thoroughly enjoying harnessing, growing and developing people to grow to their full potential.