Jul 2020 | Data Insights | Stress Testing, Webinar
Jakob Færgeman
Principal Consultant  |  Consulting
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Jakob Færgeman is a Principal Consultant and Head of Customer Solutions in Experian Nordics, Russia and South Africa and holds more than 10 years experience of working with enterprise clients globally, managing challenges within credit risk and strategy, analytics, regulation and customer management.
Mohammed Chaudhri
Chief Economist  |  Consulting

Uncovering the Outbreak’s Influence on the Nordic Economy

This webinar will provide you with a solid understanding of the global macroeconomic landscape after Covid-19 and the impact on macroeconomic forecasts in Europe and the Nordics. You will also learn about the supervisory measures taken by regulators in the Nordics to mitigate the impacts of Covid-19 on the financial sector. Finally, you will get insight into how you can adapt existing baseline and stress scenarios and IFRS 9 models to the changing macroeconomic environment.