PowerCurve: one platform, billions of decisions.
Jun 2022 | PowerCurve | Machine Learning, PowerCurve

PowerCurve® is Experian’s decisioning platform that incorporates data, analytics, strategy design, decision automation, and detailed reporting to help you make fast and accurate decisions.

Businesses need software that is ready to support a rapidly changing environment with the tools that drive more accurate decisions. Software that can help them adapt quickly but accurately, whether that’s deploying new Machine Learning model or responding to external events. And built on cloud so it matches the pace of growth and the speed of technological change….

PowerCurve delivers this. It helps businesses accept more of the right customers, verify identity, balance risk and reward, deliver better experience to customers, and optimise performance across originations, customer management, and collections.

What does PowerCurve deliver for businesses?

  • PowerCurve has intelligence built in so it can ingest and deploy the very latest ML models – with less time to go live and full explainability.
  • Simulate and test functionality – this allows you to continuously improve strategy performance with Assisted Strategy Design.
  • PowerCurve’s no-code integration and strategy design lets you easily add new data sources and implement business rules in less time.
  • Increase levels of automation to deliver faster decisions with less cost, removing the volume of manual case referrals.
  • Recycle insights quickly with performance metrics and historic analysis.
  • PowerCurve helps you manage cases more efficiently with intuitive underwriter screens build from 40 years of decisioning intelligence.

All of this helps you deliver more accurate decisions today for a better tomorrow. For you, and your customers.

5 Marginal Gains for the new era of decisioning. Download the paper now.

What you’ll find in the report:
Find out what will become an essential requirement for the new era of decisioning, and how can you extract greater value from your data to deliver significant performance gains for businesses.