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Oct 2020  |   PowerCurve Users Club    Machine Learning  PCSM  PowerCurve

How to run your SAS, Python,R and Machine Learning Models in PCSM (Analytical Component Extension)

Objective of this webinar is to present an overview of Analytical Component Extension (ACE) and how can we integrate ML models developed using different advanced analytical techniques and take advantage of these kinds of improvements.

Shobana Balasundaram
Senior Product Manager

With ACE (Analytical Component Extension), users are not tied to any analytical platform and are free to experiment with different tools, languages and platforms as required by their analytical needs.
The ACE framework was made available with the release of PowerCurve 2018R1 in August and currently supports Microsoft ML Server and a PMML engine to ingest models built in R, Python or those converted to PMML.