Dec. 2021 | Events |

On the 24th of November we hosted our flagship conference Innovation Summit where we want to create a space for you and your peers, who have a passion for credit related trends, data and innovation.

Considering the economic disruptions that the COVID-19 pandemic brought about in 2020 and the adaptions taken by individuals, businesses and economies, our theme for the conference was Lead the New Now.

At Innovation Summit 2021, Giulio Mariani, AI Innovation Manager, Experian gave us insight into “Sustainability – a revolution in your credit strategy?”

His presentation gave insights into how the environmental Social Governance has impacted the EU economy​. What are the implications for the financial industry​? How will Climate change affect all aspects of financial & reputational risk assessment and how can you implement these new ESG regulations into the credit risk processes?

How has the current COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the need to redirect money towards sustainable projects to make our societies more resilient against climate and environmental shocks.

During the recent months we are seeing an increased focus on Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations when making investment decisions in the financial sectors, lending to more long-term investments in sustainable economic activities and projects.

This enhanced focus and new regulations will have a major effect on many industries and will need to be placed high on the business agenda to comply and stay competitive.

These were some of the aspects discussed in Giulio Mariani’s presentation.

Learn more about how ESG will have an impact on the financial industry and how to implement this as part of your credit strategy, by watching the full 20 minute presentation.