360° customer assessment in PCSM

This webinar gives an overview of what assessments can be performed at the account, customer and group level, as well as how to use them to derive risk and value related actions.

Gottried steiner
Gottried Steiner
Senior Business Consultant
Matthys Rossouw, Senior Business Consultant
Matthys Rossouw
Senior Business Consultant

This webinar is part of the PowerCurve user club 2020 series.

Once a client is onboarded, it is crucial to constantly track his behavior and potential, to maximize his value and strengthen the relationship.

Risk, value, customer satisfaction and fraud perspectives are required for a complete customer assessment.

The 360 customer assessment helps the organization to mitigate the risk (e.g. financial changes related to Covid-19), to exploit the full potential of the customer (cross-up-selling, services, marketing) and to set up personalized actions.