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Nov 2020 | PowerCurve Users Club | Credit Risk, SimRisk
By Posted by SimRisk

The Grand Final has concluded and we are thrilled to announce the winner of SimRisk2020!

All finalists were incredibly motivated and played hard to earn the title of Best Credit Risk Department of the Year 2020.

The work that had been carried out in rounds 1 and 2 played a role in the final result because teams were in a position to see what had worked with their previous strategies.

Team CRM UCFIN (Romania) and Equipo BBVA (Spain) ended the competition at 5th and 4th place respectively. BBVA implemented a very effective strategy of stopping bad accounts (they ended with only 1,5% Bad Rate). However, because the loan values were higher, they suffered actual higher bad debt losses than CRM UCFIN. The competition was extremely tight with a difference of only 0,2% in the two teams’ final results.

Team BAWAG (Austria) came 3rd. Their Bad Rate was just 1.5%, so the Bad Debt Losses were approximately 2mn lower than Sber or Megamind 1,0. However the Interest Income was approx. 5mn lower because of the lower Interest Rates that were charged.

Crucially, all the top 3 teams benefitted from the bonus earned in the 3rd Round (Ascend Regulatory). Part of their success was due to the effective application of regulatory optimization.

Mega Mind 1.0 (South Africa) came 2nd. Part of the reason for being the runners up was the Regulatory Ascend impact. Also the funding costs were higher because of higher Loan Values being offered and Interest Income was slightly lower than Sber.

The winner of this edition was Team Sber who earn the title of Credit Risk Department of the Year 2020 with a final profit result of 12.8mn euro. The team worked hard to apply very effective segmentation, which allowed them to apply a very effective approach for Loan Value allocation and Interest charging, whilst still controlling Bad Debt.

Congratulation to all Team Sber members, who represented Sber Russia and BPS-Sberbank Belarus in SimRisk2020.


SimRisk2020 is reserved to PowerCurve Users Club members. It is an innovative and informal way to share PowerCurve expertise via an online simulated credit-risk tournament.

It was launched to help share know-how and strategic best practice between a diverse mix of global risk-professionals and Experian consultants, within a competitive and secure environment.

We’re delighted with the overwhelming response, which saw 22 teams representing Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Romania, Russia and Turkey competing in the inaugural tournament. The competition has proved such a big success that we’re already organizing future edition.

Should your organisation be interested to take part, please do not hesitate to contact your Experian account.