Meet the experts - Experian podcasts series
Nov 2020 | Podcast | Credit Risk Management, Podcast

Regulatory compliance is vital to the continued prosperity of the financial industry and everyone it supports.

Part of the route to ensuring compliance is by making sure risk management models are robust and resilient to changing market pressures.

Data and analytics can play a strong role helping to test those models, as they enable institutions to apply them to situations based on real insights.

“Meet the Expert” podcasts program

This podcast is part of the new Experian’s “Meet the Expert” programme: a series of seven short interviews to explore the ‘new normal’ following the start of the pandemic.

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Mike Munsie
EMEA Strategic Sales Director Analytics
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In Michael’s role as the Strategic Sales Director of Analytics for the EMEA region, he is responsible for driving Experian’s approach to both traditional credit analytics as well as its non-traditional data and analytics innovation agenda. Michael’s career to date has been at the crossroads where finance and innovation meet: he cut his teeth at a large retail bank, established and operated an analytics Fintech for over 6 years, all leading to him working for one of the World's Most Innovative Companies - Experian. With his experience in delivering credit and regulatory risk projects, data warehouses, analytics sandboxes and business intelligence environments across numerous geographic regions, Michael is well placed to talk to industry opportunities and associated challenges – and solutions.