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Dec 2020 | PowerCurve Users Club | Credit Risk, SimRisk
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Demonstrating brilliant performance and possessing profound professional expertise, Sber Team managed to win an overwhelming victory in SimRisk2020 competition and proved to be a global retail credit risk management leader among 22 teams of experts from 14 countries across the globe.

Sponsored by Experian, SimRisk 2020 was launched as an environmental platform for experience and strategic risk management practices interchange between global risk-professionals and Experian consultants.

SimRisk 2020 is a unique, innovative and interactive business game created by and for credit-risk professionals’ teams, which are to face a wide range of simulated challenges over three competitive rounds. The key tournament task was to create and optimize retail credit risk management strategy sustainable enough to handle the scenarios proposed while minimizing expected losses and extending profit.

Due to unprecedentedly great diversity of teams from all over the world, SimRisk2020 appeared to be a highly competitive environment where one had to show outstanding performance and state-of-the-art approach to retail credit risk-assessment in order to be honored to participate in the final round and battle out for the Credit Risk Department of the Year title.

Thus, being second to none in solving analytical tasks and controversial issues, pondering various scenarios and producing out-of-the-box solutions of the most challenging cases concerning retail loan portfolio management, Sber Team was titled the sole and exclusive winner of the retail credit risk management tournament. The grand prize will be donated to the Sberbank’s Charitable Foundation «Investment to the Future».

Sber Head of Retail Risk Nikolay Astashkin emphasised: “We are proud to be the winner of SimRisk2020. It was a great experience for our retail risk team, which challenged us in competing with major international players in a community of like-minded professionals. For all of us it was a great training while having fun. It was also a team building activity so valuable today when we all are working remotely with rare opportunity to meet with colleagues in a relaxed environment”.

Next tournament is on its way

The next tournament programme has already been confirmed. During the first two rounds, teams will use PowerCurve Strategy Design Studio to analyse, adapt and improve business strategies for a fictitious personal loan provider.

From there, teams must demonstrate their skills and abilities in managing a portfolio from a strict regulatory standpoint, while leveraging Ascend Regulatory, Experian’s tool for models monitoring and forms validation.

“SimRisk2020 represents a brand new, groundbreaking initiative, because it allows credit-risk professionals to measure their performance against each other, while adopting and trialing new tools and innovative methodologies that could be offered to their clients”, says Jonny Cowlin, EMEA Managing Director of Integrated Sales and Marketing, Experian.

“It’s a challenging interactive business game that demands collaboration, as well as raising awareness of current trends, emerging topics – and always with an eye to the ongoing innovation in the credit world.”