The importance of "Time to Yes"
Mar 2021 | Onboarding | Digital Onboarding, MAX

In a world where consumers are spending an increasing amount of their time online, businesses must shift to align technology and processes to deliver a better customer experience for customer onboarding.

Our latest insight report ‘Reducing Time to Yes: Onboarding in 2021’ covers how to meet the demands of modern customers whilst ensuring protection against credit, fraud, and compliance risk.

Digital transformation is a key priority for many businesses.

This report looks specifically at the onboarding process for financial services. An area that’s critical for growth as one of the first customer touchpoints with your brand. It is vitally important to get it right.

We’ll show you how you can improve “time to yes”, also referred to as time to decision and share how you can use technology to shorten the time to yes while at the same time improving the accuracy of decisions to support long-term growth.

Important note: the statistics from this report have been taken from an Experian-commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting. Results are based on findings from more than 1,000 global senior decision-makers with responsibility or influence over customer data, analytics, risk, and SME services.

Get a copy of our report and learn how to reduce<br> Time to Yes in the onboarding process

Get a copy of our report and learn how to reduce
Time to Yes in the onboarding process