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Mar 2021 | Onboarding | Digital Onboarding, Podcast

Today’s consumers expect lightning fast onboarding. It is important to be able to deliver great customer experience and a fully digital onboarding journey at the same time. But, you also need to manage the increasing identity and fraud risk whilst delivering a fast time to decision.

With onboarding becoming more digital focused, the 2 main questions to answer are:

  • Are you able to deliver the best customer experience that combines speed and accuracy?
  • And, when a customer applies online, you need to understand if they are really who they say they are?

In our two latest podcasts, Richard Topham, Strategic Sales Director at Experian EMEA and James Brodhurst our Head of Identity and Fraud for EMEA, talk about how you can deliver frictionless checks so the impact on the customer experience is minimal but at the same time you can be confident in knowing who you’re dealing with.

Richard Topham
Richard Topham
Director of Customer Solutions
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Richard Topham has 30 years’ experience in the Financial Services sector. He is currently responsible for all Decision Analytics sales across the EMEA region, responsible for all Software, Fraud and IDV sales as well as Experian’s new products and services that are launched into the region. After spending 12 years designing and developing new business solutions for HBOS (the UK’s leading mortgage bank) Richard then ran a business process design team and web development team for a UK mortgage sourcing company. In 2002 Richard joined Experian, managing the development of decision management solutions for several large UK & European financial services and telco organisations before taking global responsibility for the Experian Decision Analytics core solutions team, focused primarily on origination and collections solutions. In 2009 Richard moved to the EMEA region where he was responsible for product management for the entire product portfolio, creating client value in the core sectors of Banking, Financial Services, SME Lending and Telco. During this time Experian’s core decisioning and data enrichment software platform was completely re-developed and Richard oversaw the roll out of the PowerCurveTM platform into the EMEA region delivering both installed software and Software as a Service solutions. In 2015 he became a Strategic Sales Director in the EMEA region, responsible for major client opportunities, partnerships and enterprise agreements with multiple clients across the region. His focus is on understanding strategic changes in the market and assisting clients in meeting these challenges with help from the Experian wide ranging propositions. Richard holds an MBA from the Open University in the UK, specialising in Marketing and Strategic Finance.
James Brodhurst
Head of Identity & Fraud
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James is the EMEA Head of the Identity and Fraud business practice, leading an eight-strong team of fraud business consultants and sales engineers. In a career spanning more than 28 years, James has worked in credit and fraud management for the last 15 years after previously working in technology roles within the pharmaceutical industry. He joined Experian in 2009 and has held positions in program management, solutions delivery and sales before moving into his current role where he focuses exclusively on our ID & Fraud business. He is responsible for all aspects of solutions and presales consulting as well as fraud analytics as part of the Customer Solutions division in Europe. These functions support Experian’s sales force, managing new and existing opportunities with our clients in banking, financial services, telecommunications and e-commerce.
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Get a copy of our report and learn how to reduce
Time to Yes in the onboarding process