Experian Convex Webinar

The power to unlock the value of your data

31 May | 10:00 - 10:45

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About The Event

Join us for our webinar on how to unlock the full value of your data.

By signing up for this webinar, you will learn how your business and customers can benefit from being able to easily and quickly build predictive and robust analytical models, and maintain them.

Combined with its cutting-edge machine learning technologies and industry-leading consultancy, using Convex, you can uncover insights that will unlock the right opportunities to drive your business forward. Experian Convex is a powerful platform that enables you to build predictive and robust analytical models and maintain them.

Our unique technology helps keep your analytical modeling stages smart and practical. Gain insights that allow you to make critical decisions in the moments that matter. Join us for our upcoming webinar and discover how Experian Convex can help you:

  • Aggregate and analyze data
  • Visualize data
  • Conduct predictive modeling
  • Implement and govern models

Experian machine learning and modelling experts, Leandro Guerra, Head of EMEA Data Science and Christopher Kadow (Data Modeler), will deep dive into use cases highlighting how Convex leverages data science, machine learning, modeling and automation.


Who Should Attend:

The Convex webinar would be very pertinent to those working in Analytics, Risk Management, Credit Risk, IT, Collection, Customer Relationship Management, Business Analytics and Business Management.


Why You Should Attend:

The Experian Convex webinar brings you a deeper understanding on how this no-code machine learning platform than just a product demo. This webinar will demonstrate how you can save time, resources and mitigate risk with intelligent analytics, modelling and automation.


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31 May 2023
10:00 - 10:45

Welcome & Introduction
Leandro Guerra
Head of Data Science and Analytical Platform EMEA & APAC, Experian
Introduction to Experian experts in machine learning and modelling and unlocking the value of data.
How Experian Convex unlocks the value of your data
Christopher Kadow
Analytics Data Modeler, Experian
Deep dive into use cases around how Experian Convex helps clients unlock the value of their data using this no-code modelling platform, intelligent analytics and automation.
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Keynote Speakers

Leandro Guerra
Head of Data Science and Analytical Platform EMEA & APAC, Experian
Leandro Guerra

Leandro Guerra Biography

Leandro Guerra is the Head of Data Science and Analytics Platforms for Experian EMEA & APAC. He has over 11 years of experience with a deep interest and know-how in Machine Learning and AI model development.

His recent experiences includes:
  • Development of ML models for risk management, marketing, fraud prevention, HR, healthcare and retail
  • Development and implementation of overall Data Science/ML business goals
  • Management of Data Consultancy Projects applied to credit assessment, marketing, fraud prevention, insurance, HR analytics, healthcare and CRM
  • Development of ML explainability frameworks
Leandro holds a BSc degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the State University of Londrina and a Data Science Specialisation from Johns Hopkins University..
Christopher Kadow
Analytics Data Modeler, Experian
Christopher Kadow

Christopher Kadow Biography


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