14 teams from across EMEA and the UK have entered this year’s credit risk competition – but only one will emerge as the champion.

The latest edition of Experian’s international credit risk competition, SimRisk, has got underway this month.

Fourteen teams based in eight countries from across EMEA and the UK will test their strategies to maximise profits from a virtual loan portfolio against their peers.

They will use Experian’s PowerCurve to develop an acceptance strategy for customers and adjust interest rates and loan values to generate the greatest profits.

Each team, assisted by their ‘driver’, will compete in two 90-minute rounds, with the top two advancing to the final. The winner will be named Credit Risk Department of the Year 2021.

Competitors can attempt to get a head start on the competition by reading SimRisk creator Jim Nowell’s tips for success.

Details about their progress through the rounds and profiles of the teams will appear on the Experian Academy blog over the coming weeks.

A complete list of this year’s competitors:

Company Country
Santander Consumer Bank GmbH Austria
Absa Bank Limited South Africa
Mr Price South Africa
Younited Credit Germany
ING Germany
Nordea Nordics
American Express UK
UnicreditBank Russia
Rencredit Russia
Vodafone Italy
ING Italy
TIM Italy
Caxia Bank Spain
Sainsburys Bank UK