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In our recent Forrester research, businesses stated ‘improving the customer experience’ (70%) and ‘growth through new customer acquisition’ (67%) as the two top business priorities in 2022. For businesses offering credit facilities, the ability to onboard customers effectively is critical. A fast, frictionless onboarding experience is necessary, but one that still protects the business in terms of credit risk and fraud. It’s about shortening the ‘Time to Yes’ — or time to decision — to increase conversion whilst accepting the right customers for your business.

In our ‘Time to Yes’ event, we discuss the importance of great customer experience in onboarding, hear directly from the experiences of Buddybank, an innovative bank from the Unicredit group, where they share how it is possible to improve the onboarding process by combining a digital experience with seamless technology. And we walk viewers through a demonstration of a great onboarding experience highlighting the tips and tricks to focus on to shorten time to yes.

Time to yes event – contents

  • Part 1: Why 10 minutes matters – the increasing importance of speed in onboarding
  • Part 2: MAX demonstration – what does a great onboarding experience look like
  • Part 3: Client interview – Massimo Bondanza, Head of Marketing and Products at Buddybank (UniCredit) talks about why they prioritised a fully digital experience

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