MAX - The most comprehensive onboarding solution available
Mar 2021 | Onboarding | Digital Onboarding, MAX, Video

MAX is designed to help you achieve more. We think many businesses aren’t getting the maximum from their data, analytics and decisioning to deliver a frictionless customer onboarding experience whilst taking care of the more complex processes behind the scenes.

Many clients have told us about the challenges they face trying to bring together disconnected services within their business. We wanted to create a package of flexible and modular capability that supports the full customer onboarding journey – whether you are looking for an end-to-end solution or specific components.

This is what led to the development of MAX. It stands for Magical Application Xperience – something we want to help create for your customers.

Max brings together core data services (including transactional data from Open Banking), identity and fraud services (everything from behavioural biometrics to electronic identity verification, or eIDV), plus analytics and software to power fast, accurate decisions that reduce the ‘time to yes‘ for your customers and improve the profitability for your business.

How does MAX help businesses?

  • REDUCE TOUCH TIME: We optimise the capture of personal data – making the data do the work, not your customers. By simplifying the process we also help to reduce manual operational effort and cost.
  • CUSTOMER CONFIDENT: Multiple layers of protection and machine learning optimisation improves fraud detection and creates trust with greater accuracy of decisions. We offer a range of identity and fraud services that align to your own risk strategy or risk-based approach.
  • MAXIMISE INSIGHT: Data and advanced analytics are used intelligently to create a better view and understanding of customers, enabling fair treatment and personalised offers based on credit risk and affordability.
  • REDUCE TIME TO YES: Our market-leading decisioning engine increases the proportion of automated decisions with improved accuracy and less manual reviews. The more cases that can be automated, the faster the time to yes and reduction in application abandonment.

We can power a fully digital end-to-end, automated onboarding solution or provide customisable modular components from our ecosystem — each with simple API-based integration. Get in touch with your Experian representative to understand how MAX can help improve your customer onboarding.

Get a copy of our report and learn how to reduce<br> Time to Yes in the onboarding process

Get a copy of our report and learn how to reduce
Time to Yes in the onboarding process