Mar 2021 | General | Event, Learning Day 2021

On March 16th we welcomed 100+ Nordic Experian clients during the Experian Learning Day 2021. We look back at a very successful and inspiring morning where we covered different topics around customer-centricity during challenging times.

On this page you can find all the session recordings to watch on-demand.

Keynote session

In this keynote session, Henrik Guldberg kicks off by providing insights into how Experian sees the future of credit and we are doing to make sure our solutions and data support you to stay competitive and drive growth. Emma Perkins & Lars Tøttrup share how we have captured customer feedback at Experian and took actions to improve customer experience.

  • Innovation & Data: how data drives insights and enables growth
    by Henrik Guldberg

  • Customer Experience & Security: your benefits as an Experian client
    by Emma Perkins & Lars

Breakout: Insurance

In the Insurance breakout session, we shared how data and ensuring the right approach to integrating financial data into existing customer centric processes can sharpen your segmentation and analysis of nurturing and retaining customers through better terms.

    • Using alternative data to create insights and fight fraud
      Glen Østergaard

    • Building a credit score
      by Bjarne Bilsted Jensen

    • The theory behind insurance credit scores & the insurance sector trends and focus areas
      by Mikkel Platz

Breakout: Consumer Finance & Banking

The Nordic banking sector is under increasing pressure from regulators in terms of assessing creditworthiness of customers. In this session we looked at how the financial sector can digitize parts of the onboarding operations with existing and new available data sources, whilst navigating within the new regulatory environment.

  • Covid-19 Impact on Nordics credit activity and future expectations from Experian’s point of view
    by Buse Hanci

  • Using customer data to remain compliant and competitive
    by Julie Berg & Jakob

  • Regulatory challenges in Denmark and Norway
    Christian Brandt & Tom Slungaard

Breakout: Collections

The Nordic collection industry is under increasing pressure from new regulations. The industry is pressured to look at new revenue streams, reducing costs through automation and digitalization of processes and data management to manage effective collection strategies. During this session our experts covered concrete user cases on how the industry can adapt to these changes.

  • What did we learn from the financial crisis and where are we today?
    Peter Linzenbold

  • Covid-19 Impact on Nordics credit activity and future expectations from Experian’s point of view
    by Buse Hanci

  • Optimizing your debt collection strategies through data and analytics
    by Kjell Tofte & Martin Haraldseth