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We surveyed over 6,000 consumers and nearly 2,000 business decision-makers from 20 countries worldwide to bring you the latest business and consumer trends.

The Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) Opportunity

As many regions experience high inflation and economic pressure, consumers are looking for more credit and using BNPL for an increasing range of goods and services.

  • 67% of consumers say they use BNPL services instead of their credit card.

Find out which countries have the highest level of BNPL awareness and why consumers are choosing this alternative payment method in our report.

How emerging technologies can combat rising fraud

The threat of fraud is increasing for both businesses and consumers, making it difficult to balance the need for growth while preventing fraud.

  • 92% of business respondents view their fraud concern as ‘medium to high’.

A key part of mitigating fraud is identity verification – our research uncovers which online recognition methods are most trusted by consumers and exposes the digital recognition gap between what businesses are providing and what consumers have confidence in.

We also reveal what the top consumer priorities are for their online experiences and the most effective way for businesses to meet consumer expectations and concerns.

How technology is enabling financial inclusion

As cost-of-living expenses rise in many countries there is an opportunity for credit providers to help more people through this economic downturn by improving their financial inclusion strategies.

  • 1 in 3 businesses are in the process of rolling out a financial inclusion initiative.

By taking advantage of emerging technologies, credit firms can provide access to responsible and sustainable financial services.

Business priority trends

With a changing economic landscape businesses worldwide are shifting their priorities to adapt and stay competitive.

  • 94% of businesses are investing towards improving the detection and prevention of fraud

Discover the top business priorities and which countries have seen the biggest priority shifts in Open Banking, cloud technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Read the report to find out how your company can stay ahead in these challenging times and take advantage of the opportunities they present.

EMEA Global Insights Report 2022

EMEA Global Insights Report 2022