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How Aidrian helps businesses prevent fraud while growing revenue

Increasingly sophisticated online fraud attacks can only be stopped by using superior technology. By combing our custom AI-driven Machine Learning model with device profiling data, Experian has created a powerful fraud prevention solution – called Aidrian. This combination improves fraud detection accuracy and can result in up to 15% more revenue by reducing false positives*.

With Aidrian you can accurately identify 99.9% of all transactions. This high level of accuracy means you can significantly reduce fraud while still providing genuine customers with a simple and frictionless checkout or onboarding process. Aidrian’s ability to differentiate between real customers and fraudsters is the key to generating revenue through fewer false declines.

We understand that businesses want to lower their fraud rates without impacting conversions so we created a fraud solution with a focus on maximising revenue growth. The impact of this innovative approach is a fraud system that dynamically assesses each customer and automatically predicts the fraud risk to provide a trustworthiness decision.

By using Aidrian you can safely increase conversions, confident in the knowledge that every payment or application is being thoroughly analysed with an accurate decision delivered in the blink of an eye.

Why is Aidrian the best fraud solution for retailers and credit providers?

 We designed our AI fraud software solution with two fundamental objectives – to help generate additional revenue and to effectively combat the ongoing surge in cybercrime.

So, what are the benefits of Aidrian?

  • Maximise your acceptance rates and increase revenue with fewer false declines
  • Aidrian is updated every two weeks, so it is continually improving and learning about your fraud cases, helping to always stay at pace with emerging fraud threats
  • Incorporate device profiling and credit bureau data for improved predictive accuracy
  • Generate near-instant decisions to optimise customer experience
  • Reduce costs with less manual reviews required from your fraud specialists
  • Increase efficiency with an automated Rules Hub that’s simple to manage
  • Evaluate each customer to provide dynamic payment options based on their risk level

You can find out more by reading our brochure or speaking with your local Experian consultant. There’s much more that Aidrian can do for your business to boost conversions and stamp out fraud.

Download our Aidrian brochure for an in-depth look at our fraud solution and how it can benefit your company

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Aidrian is an adaptable modular fraud prevention platform

There are four core elements to Aidrian:

1. Fraud Miner

At the AI heart of Aidrian, this Machine Learning model can analyse millions of data records and hundreds of customer characteristics to produce a reliable trustworthiness recommendation in seconds. It constantly evolves by re-training every two weeks to classify transactions ever more precisely.

2. Rules Hub

It’s simple to create, test and manage rules with our automated Rules Hub. Choose which rules apply to your application and activate and parametrise rules based on your own criteria. Aidrian’s Rules Hub allows users to create and weight rules with just a few clicks, using Google Blockly to simplify the management of rules. This flexible approach makes it easy to select and customise rules while linking to additional device, transaction and credit bureau data.

3. Device Profiling

By analysing over 100 device data points such as browser language, screen resolution and language packets, no device ever goes unrecognised. This allows you to determine the location of the IP address and proxy server – or network – being used by every device. The result is an individual device ID that stays consistent regardless of software updates or other changes and contributes to each transaction evaluation.

4. Case Investigator

This intuitive self-service user interface allows for simple case management and manual reviews. Transactions are colour coded with an automatic alerting system to enhance your fraud agents workflow.

What can Aidrian do for your business?

Increase sales
By reducing false declines, you create new revenue potential. The combination of the Machine Learning model, Device Profiling, and an automated Rules Hub can result in up to 15% more sales revenue.

More automation means less manual reviews
Automation via Machine Learning provides greater accuracy of decisions, meaning less manual reviews and a smoother customer experience.

Scale up with ease
Whether you’re scaling up or experiencing a peak season rush our comprehensive fraud solution means you can handle higher sales volumes without the need for additional fraud specialists.

Constantly adapt to evolving fraud threats
Stay ahead of the latest fraud methods with our Fraud Miner Machine Learning model that automatically re-trains to identify new fraud activity in real-time.

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* Experian-derived metric based on client assignments


Contact Experian to find out more about our top AI fraud software solution

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