Experian helps financial services organisations reach fraud prevention goals, while boosting revenue and maintaining seamless customer experience. Explore our latest solution that combines the must-have device profiling, traditional rules, and cutting-edge ML technology.

Aidrian – a smarter way to defend against Account Opening and Account Takeover fraud

Financial Services (FS) organisations require stronger defence mechanisms to counter rapidly growing fraud attacks. Synthetic identity applications and identity theft are the fastest growing fraud methods in the sector. With the help of Generative AI fraudsters become faster and smarter and commit Account Opening and Account Takeover fraud at scale even without having deep technical knowledge.

AiDRIAN Revenue-generating fraud prevention

AiDRIAN Revenue-generating fraud prevention

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Aidrian combines the essential and the most effective fraud prevention solutions in a single, user-friendly platform. It includes:

  • Device profiling – analyses 150+ device data points to identify potentially fraudulent activity, such as identity theft. Device data is hard to manipulate even when the fraudster uses anonymous connection or proxy.
  • Flexible rules hub – includes the most effective pre-defined rules for account opening and account takeover fraud detection. New rules can be easily created in-house and tested on live data without impacting real-time decisions.
  • Machine Learning (ML) technology – a customised ML model that can spot new fraud patterns that are hard for humans to detect. Re-trained every two weeks it becomes more and more accurate over time.

Reduce fraud rates

Through our rigorously tested Machine Learning and device profiling technology Aidrian can help your organisation spot new fraudulent applications and account takeover attacks with much greater accuracy. It runs real-time analysis to make sure your good customers can enjoy seamless experience.

Boost revenue

You are blocking new revenue due to false declines by saying “no” to genuine customers. False declines are mostly caused by rigid and outdated rules, and device collisions. Flexible rules and ML keep Aidrian up-to-date, and it’s 99.9% free from device collisions.

Improve efficiency

Aidrian can boost your operational efficiency by reducing the number of manual reviews by up to 95% through providing more accurate “accept” or “decline” recommendations. It can also speed up your fraud investigation process with its intuitive, user-friendly case manager.

To learn how Aidrian can help your business mitigate the growing fraud risks and generate more revenue, download the brochure and contact our specialist team.


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