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Dec 2020 | PowerCurve Users Club | Credit Risk, SimRisk
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We are very excited to have lauched our SimRisk 2020 winter edition! In this edition we have 13 teams signed-up, made up of fellow professionals from 12 high-profile global businesses.

We have now completed the first round!

Congratulations to all teams on the great job in completing the first round of the competition! Teams performed incredibly well, with the average profit achieved across each now at an outstanding €6,087.000.

In the weeks to come the participants will compete with fellow professionals from across Europe, to compete for the title Best EMEA Credit Department of the year. The first round has been completed and teams are currently going head-to-head with a close race between the teams in the leagues.

In the next Round, you’ll be able continue with what you were working on and possibly look at other parts of the strategy to improve.

Our drivers have given all the teams some tips a long the way: 

We asked the Drivers to share their best tips and observations you may want to consider in order to further improve your strategy.

“Show me the money!”… Always focus on profit – this is the measure that will identify the winner, so you should always be aware of how profitable your strategy is.

“Take action”… after reflecting and refining your strategies now is time to implement it. In Round One, the teams that made the most changes made the most money.

“Beware of bad payers” … Changing Interest Rates can improve the amount of money you make from customers, but only if they pay you back!

Results from first round


All the very best for all the teams participating in Round Two – we look forward to seeing how the competition evolves!

Team: VAF All Stars

Some thoughts from the team VAF All Stars and their Team Captain; Samiksha Singh, VAF Credit Risk, Portfolio Manager. 

The company behind this team is Standard Bank South Africa.

Standard Bank of South Africa Limited is Africa’s biggest lender by assets.

Samiksha shared some thoughts on behalf of her team based on their experience from the first round.

“Seeing as we were all new to the competition, we weren’t really sure what to expect. We felt the concept was very interesting and enjoyed the session. One of our team member did not have much experience with strategy design so it was a very welcoming learning experience for our team member. Also the fact that is was remote made it easy for all of us to participate without having to make alternative arrangements like leave or travel, it was just another meeting in the diary.  

The best part was actually seeing the outcome of the decisions we were considering before implementation as well as the impact those decisions have on the bottom line. Once we actually got into the rhythm of making changes, we forgot about the time. 

We are looking forward seeing to the next round and very best of luck to VAF All Stars.