Quadrant Knowledge Solutions 2023 SPARK Matrix names Experian as Technology Leader.

Experian’s world-class decisioning platforms recognised

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions is a well-regarded global consulting and advisory organisation that helps its clients achieve strategic transformation goals. Their Strategic Performance Assessment and Ranking (SPARK) Matrix is a versatile tool used to evaluate key technology vendors based on their level of excellence and the impact they have on their customers.

The annual flagship SPARK Matric Report provides a market overview that highlights key vendor capabilities and differentiators. Included in the report is a categorisation of vendors into three classes: aspirants, strong contenders and technology leaders – the highest possible ranking.

Experian has been acknowledged as a technology leader in the latest version of the report.


What sets Experian’s digital decisioning analytics apart?

Experian has a suite of modular cloud-based decisioning platforms that are highly scalable depending on the client’s requirements. These include:

  • PowerCurve® – a unified, component-based, automated decision engine that incorporates Experian’s comprehensive data, strategy design and decision automation with detailed monitoring and reporting.
  • Ascend Analytical Sandbox – a best-in-class advanced analytics environment built to deliver deeper insights, data visualisation, business intelligence and model development.
  • Ascend Ops– which empowers clients to deploy new features and models in days or weeks rather than months.

According to Arun U, an analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions: “Experian’s decisioning platform, PowerCurve, empowers its users to continuously build and refine decision-making techniques, along with enabling the reuse and standardisation of decision logic across organisations by facilitating collaborative decisioning solution design. The platform also promotes the incorporation of AI-powered dynamic strategies, AI-driven identity verification, and device intelligence to streamline data gathering and case management.”

The report highlights that the key differentiator of Experian is the ability to design customised business strategies. This capability is made possible via the insight gained from advanced analytical models and allows clients to proactively monitor performance and update scorecards, policies and decision processors. The ability to quickly adapt to market changes is critical during times of elevated risk and economic uncertainty.


Are you looking to improve your digital decisioning?

The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions 2023 SPARK Matrix Report serves to illustrate Experian’s best-in-class digital decisioning capabilities. To take advantage of our unique combination of data, advanced analytics and technical expertise, contact us to speak to a local representative and take your decisioning to the next level.